We are students and photographers in sixth form.

We have invested heavily in photography equipment to ensure the clients get professional results every time. We have a plethora of lighting equipment paired with a number of camera equipment, ensuring the best photographs possible are produced. We work as a team for larger projects but you can also hire us individually- check out our portfolios for some more information!


Hey, my name is Sam and I'm a photographer working in the local district

I specialise in portrait and product photography and I have worked with/for several companies to produce some beautiful images and marketing material. I love using new methods to expand my skills and bringing in new techniques to capture the essence of a person or product.

I have experience with many genres of photography including promotional, still life, documentary, automotive and portrait photography. I am also highly skilled in Photoshop and Lightroom and I can do anything the client requires of me.


Hi! My name is Sam; a photographer based in the Leeds and Bradford area. I do regular work for local businesses supporting them with an affordable pricing structure within Saltaire and Shipley.

I enjoy a wide variety of photography and exploring new ways to utilise my camera whilst remaining open for client requests. I am highly motivated in meeting client expectations and requirements whilst always completing images that I feel I can call my own. I am also skilled in colour grading and image manipulation within industry-standard software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

I enjoy playing the drums, working towards my grade 6 with Trinity College London. I also participate in races on a popular simulator known as iRacing. In these, I also am part of a small esports team called Team Potato.